Upcycled retro bedside tables
Upcycled retro bedside tables

Bringing uniqueness to your home, one piece at a time

Individually designed, hand-painted furniture, home decor & gifts
Handmade concrete vasesHandmade concrete vases
Client commissioned hand-painted mirrorClient commissioned hand-painted mirror
Hand-painted reclaimed wood coaster setHand-painted reclaimed wood coaster set
Retro hand-painted manequin lampRetro hand-painted manequin lamp
Hand-painted textured vasesHand-painted textured vases
Renovate walnut toned Mid Century vintage trolleyRenovate walnut toned Mid Century vintage trolley


"There is no such thing as ‘away’.

When we throw anything away it must go somewhere"

ANNIE LEONARD (Director of Greenpeace USA)

Handmade concrete vase
Handmade concrete vase

What you have to say...

”Lush lush lush green + hipster furniture with a bit of slick art direction 🔥”

- Anna B

Love how you’ve done the feet and of course the whole piece. Such a great transformation

- Joy B

”Wow, incredible, fantastic work and very inspirational”

- Karen A