Hi there

I'm Hema, a British Indian living in Porto.

For over 20 years I've followed a sustainable, low waste lifestyle. And it's the foundation for Alma Nova Porto's existence.

'Alma Nova' means 'New Soul' in Portuguese. The aim's to give 'Alma Nova' to unwanted, discarded, unloved furniture and/or homeware, and change how people see dated, broken or unwanted furniture and home decor.

My work brings individuality and character to any home and most importantly, it'll kick start multiple journeys to more sustainable, low carbon footprint lifestyles.

All designs are produced only once, so each item is totally bespoke every time. Many pieces are secondhand, so come with a past and sometimes with some marks of wear and tear, which I prefer to call character and a life lived, a bit like us humans!

This journey started as a result of bereavement, the Covid pandemic, unemployment, 1000's km from my family and most importantly to help with my mental health during very difficult times.

Quite a mix I know! and there's nothing like seeing dumped, broken furniture as your lightbulb 💡 moment!

I try to steer clear of mass produced, mainstream trends, because I like individuality and character. I'm continuously experimenting with colours, designs, products, but the main aim is for my pieces to bring joy, originality and personality as well as being sustainable and reducing what ends up in landfill sites.

It's been a rollercoaster ride to get here, but I finally get to share my upcycling and DIY stories. I'll share environmental, sustainable information, blogs and occasionally a sprinkling of other loves or lessons like DIY projects to help you. Plant care and how my passion for travel plays a huge influence may make an appearance!

Stay with me as I continue the ride.

Come and visit the studio, it's in the heart of Porto's art district!